Below are SoyHialeah’s “Save our Youth” GOALS FOR 2015

1. We are working on having all of our 15 Hialeah Parks supervised on Saturdays and Sundays, with access to the restrooms. Today, every park in Hialeah has the restroom closed during the weekends, and all the kids are without staff supervision in the facilities.

As sex trafficking and other crimes are on the rise, we need to work together to bring back supervision to our parks on the weekends.

2. Return Hialeah Soccer Club to Wilde Park. Wilde Park was converted to a Youth Soccer facility ten years ago. In the last four years we have been without a Youth Soccer Club.

3. Return low cost and free summer programs to all the parks in Hialeah. The summer camp that is provided today costs $65.00 per week. This cost is not affordable to 95% of the Hialeah community. Today, some parks have a partial summer program, and the rest of the parks only make the field and recreation room available. Staff has been cut by 50%, field trips are highly restricted, arts/crafts and ceramics have been eliminated. Popular activities like kickball, guard-the-pin and other pick-up games are not possible due to the lack of staff. HENCE, SUMMER ATTENDANCE HAS DECREASED BY 75%

4. Increase the number of operating hours at our pools, and increase the number of swimming classes available. Pool hours and swim classes have been reduced by 75% in the last seven years.

5. Bring programs to our libraries. We are working on starting regular homework assistance classes in all of our libraries, every day of the week. The parks used to offer homework assistance, but because of the cutting of staff hours, homework assistance has been eliminated from all Hialeah parks. We would also like to start computer classes for kids and adults.

This will be possible when we hire full-time, accredited librarians to work in all the libraries. Today, all E-Libraries have part-time staff who are not trained or qualified to teach students.

6. Eliminate restrictions on participation. Today, only the first 13 kids per age group per park are allowed to participate.  This does not allow a majority of kids to participate. In the past, the City of Hialeah has never placed restrictions on participation.

7. Return baseball to all 15 parks. Today, only 5 parks offer baseball.

8. Allow our youth to participate in a 12 game season. Today, the sports season is only 6 games.

9. Return sports programming for the older girls (14-18 years old). Their program has been eliminated.

We can make these changes we seek by getting involved and participating in the solution!

La Academia del Duque Hernández en problemas

La Comisión de Etica del Condado Miami Dade recibió una queja interpuesta por un ex funcionario municipal de Hialeah por presuntas irregularidades en la concesión de un parque público a la academia del ex beisbolista de las grandes ligas Orlando “El Duque” Hernández.

José “Pepper” Azze, ex director de parques de Hialeah, dijo el martes que su queja ante la Comisión de Etica fue respaldada con documentos que revelan el subarriendo de los campos de béisbol del parque Babcock, en el este de esa ciudad, por parte de El Duke Sports Association, LLC., a terceras organizaciones dedicadas a realizar torneos de esa disciplina.

Read more here: http://www.pasionmagazine.com/2013/10/la-academia-del-duque-hernandez-en-problemas/

El Duque Denies Ripping Off Hialeah Taxpayers

Cognac-toting models mingled with baseball superstars in the Biltmore Hotel’s gilded ballroom last week, but as Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez made the rounds, Spanish-language TV reporters wanted to talk about anything but the Hennessy-sponsored drink in his hand.

Hours earlier, the Yankees legend had been accused of swindling the City of Hialeah out of thousands of dollars and depriving downtrodden children of access to a public park. But El Duque came out slinging fastballs at his critics.

“This is all politics,” Hernandez told Riptide. “People are attacking me and my school in order to tarnish [Mayor] Carlos Hernandez, a person who is doing good things for the city. But they aren’t going to succeed.”

Read more here: http://www.miaminewtimes.com/2013-10-31/news/el-duque-denies-ripping-off-hialeah-taxpayers/full/

Privatización de parque público causa enojo en vecinos de Hialeah

George González creció bateando con sus hermanos en los campos de béisbol del parque Benny Babcock, el más antiguo y popular de Hialeah.

Sin embargo, este estudiante de 16 años lamenta que ahora otros muchachos de su barrio no tengan la misma oportunidad por carecer de los más de $300 para inscribirse en la academia privada del famoso lanzador Orlando “El Duque” Hernández, que ha cercado los siete diamantes del parque.

“La situación es indignante”, dijo González. “El parque ahora es para la gente que tiene dinero. Hoy más que nunca se ven menos niños de la zona en ese parque, porque lo que hizo esto fue alejar a los muchachos de la pelota”.


New nonprofit aims for longer hours at Hialeah’s libraries and parks

A new Hialeah nonprofit organization is looking to keep libraries open longer and create new programs in the city’s public parks.

In December, lifelong Hialeah resident and former parks and recreation employee Jose Azze, 49, founded Save Our Youth Hialeah, a group that plans to work with local government, businesses and other nonprofits to increase access to facilities and programs at the city’s libraries and parks.

Azze, who spent about 30 years working in parks and recreation and retired last year, said he is contacting local businesses and foundations to get funding before approaching city officials with the group’s plans.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/article1950337.html#storylink=cpy