Below are SoyHialeah’s “Save our Youth” GOALS FOR 2013

1. Increase the number of hours our libraries are open. Four of our six libraries are only open 10 hours a week.

2. Convert Babcock Park to a public park again. Today, all seven fields have been privatized to a business called El Duque, LLC. It costs kids $300 a season to play baseball.
Most kids in the Babcock Community can’t afford $300. The kids and families are not allowed to use the fields, even when El Duque, LLC is not using the seven baseball fields.
The gates are locked. We, the taxpayers, are still paying all the cost at Babcock Park and El Duque, LLC is keeping 100% of the profits.

3. Return summer programs to all the parks in Hialeah. Today, most parks do not have a full summer program, and the rest have only a partial summer program. Staff has
been cut by 50%, field trips are highly restricted, arts/crafts and ceramics have been eliminated, popular activities like kickball, guard-the-pin and other pick-up games are not as popular due to the lack of staff. HENCE, SUMMER ATTENDANCE HAS DECREASED BY MORE THAN 50%

4. Reopening our parks on Saturdays. All 15 parks in Hialeah have been closed on every Saturday. The kids have no supervision, no access to a water fountain and no restrooms.

5. Return baseball to all our parks at a reasonable price . Baseball has been one of Hialeah youth’s favorite activities. Baseball has been eliminated as a sport in all of our 15 parks.¬†¬†Because of lack of transportation and the $300 fee, a very small percentage of kids are able to play baseball in Hialeah today.

6. The field at Walker Park is not available to the kids or the community. A 12′ fence with locks and chains has been placed around the entire field. Adult baseball players are
given preference to use Walker Park. We will work toward allowing everyone access to the field at Walker Park, especially kids, since it is our (taxpayers) facility.

We can make these changes we seek by getting involved and participating in the solution.